Cure Writing Block! Eight Easy Ways to Nurse Your Writing Back to Health!

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Cures for writing block are out there, you just have to know what is causing the writing block before you can implement them. If you are looking to cure this writer's disease once and for all, I've put together eight powerful tips to effectively cure this serious problem! The cures I've compiled are simple and readily available to you as a writer to help you get your writing passions back on track.

Eight Ways to Cure Writing Block

The 8 "cures" I put together as a solution for writer's block are all proven methods to keep you on track with all of your writing so you can maintain all of your deadlines and writing goals despite everything else going on in your life! Personally, the last one is the very best and will definitely keep you on your game!

8 Proven Cures for Writing Block

Cures for writing block gives you the power to overcome the issues causing distraction in your life that demotivates and kills your urge to write. Keep in mind, the cures aren't just for curing, but can be used to help avoid writer's block altogether.

Don't wait until you have problems with writers block before applying any of these cures. Prevent it from happening by applying some of these same cures for writers block as highly effective preventative measures as well.

Writing Block Cure 1: Get Plenty of Rest!

Most of us are on the move anywhere from 18 to 20 hours a day, whether working on a job, working on your book, or working with your family. It is non-stop from the time you wake up in the morning until the time your head finally hits the pillow at night.

All Stop! You are just asking for a writer's block disaster. No matter what you think you are used to or what you may have been doing for years, your body needs plenty of recharge time so it can work 110 percent tomorrow.

The human body needs sleep to recharge. This is your body's most inactive time which gives it time to recoup from the day's events.

During the course of the day, your muscles and brain tire and need to rest, just like you need a little rest after a long run or swim. While you are awake, your brain is working much harder than when you rest, even though your brain never really sleeps.

You can cure writers block by getting at least 6 hours of solid sleep a night, every night, no matter what. The optimal time is 8 hours, which I know may sound like a lot (I know it is way too much for me), but you will work a lot more efficiently if you allow plenty of time for your body to recharge. You must manage your time effectively so you can schedule in your much needed rest.

If your day is long because you are packing too much into a day, you must step back and spread it out. This is done through the establishment of effective writing goals and a solid plan to get everything done throughout the day. If you do everything in life from the hip (meaning you don't have a written down plan or goals), then you are really asking for trouble.

There is no real rush to get everything done in one day! There is tomorrow you know. Spread your tasks out further throughout the week so they take a day or two longer to accomplish them and you will be surprised at the energy level and effectiveness of your finished projects.

You may even find you are finishing your projects early because your energy level and motivation is much higher than if you are tired all of the time.

Writing Block Cure 2: Lower Your Stress!

Let's continue the cures for writers block with stress. Everyone who is everyone has some sort of stress in their lives. Stress comes in many shapes and forms, be it your kids, your husband, your wife, your car, your job, people driving all around you, your co-workers...and the list goes on and on.

You may think you have a good handle on your stress, but in all actuality, you probably don't. No one does, otherwise we would be perfect and you know that isn't going to happen!

Stress works silently and stealthily into your body, grinding away at your mind and body with its razor sharp teeth. Once it takes hold, it is very difficult to shake.

I highly recommend researching how to manage stress to help you lower the stressors in your life. Lowering your stress levels will definitely benefit to help aid with the cures for writers block.

Writing Block Cure 3: Eat Right and Exercise!

Cures for writers block continues with your body. Your body is an amazing machine and runs just like any other machine out there. It is simply more complex than most machines. And as with any machine, it needs fuel and needs to be run often to make sure it stays in working order. If your machine runs out of fuel, it will cease to work. Likewise, if the machine isn't run in a long time, it won't run correctly when needed most.

The same goes with your body. Your body needs fuel just like your car or lawn mower does. Fuel your body with proper nutrients, diet and exercise to keep up your mental and physical strength at its peak. This is one of the biggest cures for writers block because a healthy and alert body is an active body.

Writing Block Cure 4: Read Every Day!

This sounds counter productive in a way - reading instead of writing - but it is really the exact opposite. It is a proven fact that stimulating your mind every day by reading will keep fresh ideas rolling through your conscious and subconscious mind. You should read for at least 30 minutes a day to keep your mind clear and engaged. The more you read, the more you will learn, and the more fresh ideas will flash into your mind.

When researching cures for writers block, one of the big blocks I've found happens when you run out of ideas. Reading replenishes your mind with creativity on many levels.

The best time to engage in reading is the evening just before bed. This will keep you from getting bored doing the same things over and over again. Reading something different every day fools your mind that you are doing something new every time.

I recommend you find some great self-help materials, some fiction works, and even some non-fiction titles to help keep you actively reading in order to cure writers block as well as improve you in an area you need help in. By reading other fiction stories, you can improve your vocabulary as well as fill your mind with some great ideas for your stories.

Writing Block Cure 5: Write Every Day!

Cures for writers block wouldn't be complete without adding this to your daily regiment. You are a writer and exercising your passion is a must, even if you are not actively writing a novel. Make it a habit to write every day, just like you should be reading every day. I'm not saying write a new story every night. I'm telling you to write something every day.

If you are writing a novel, this will be very easy. Write a new chapter in your book every day. If you are not actively writing a story, write journal entries about your day's events and the things you thought about during the course of the day.

More ways to exercise your writing is by jotting down a note to your husband or wife, write a poem, blog about something online, write an article, or write a letter to the President. Write something! By making writing an everyday habit, you will be less likely to stop, thus establishing one of the cures for writers block.

Writing Block Cure 6: Reassure Yourself!

Of all the writers block cures, this is probably one of the most important ways to prevent and even cure writer's block. Depression or loss of hope are passion killers. A lot of people lose their writing urge because they just don't think what they are doing is worth their effort anymore.

Depression as a writer especially occurs during the publishing or post publishing stage of writing while the rejection letters are coming in or you are not making any book sales. Or maybe someone close to you tells you that your writing isn't very good. This can kill all motivation in one shot.

Let me tell you, this cure is worth its weight in gold. This will help you in many areas of your life, not just with writing.

You should be reciting your writing goals, dreams, and primary purpose every day if you ever want your writing dreams to come true. This process is called autosuggestion and has been proven to help you stay positive, stay focused and stay on track. To add to the powers of autosuggestion, recite the following statement along with your goals a few times a day:

"I am a successful fiction writer. I am happy. I am loved. I am writing the next best selling fiction novel. I will successfully publish all my writing. I will succeed with all of my writing dreams."

Autosuggestion is a very powerful form of self-hypnosis that embeds your goals, dreams, and a lot of other positive things into your subconscious mind. It is done through repetition during your conscious state and keeps you on the right track day and night.

Writing Block Cure 7: Utilize Creative Writing Ideas

If you do experience an episode of writers block during the course of writing a book, cure writing block by developing a system of establishing creative writing ideas for your works already in progress.

Or maybe you are in between books and can't come up with new fiction ideas. As one of the cures for writers block, you can rapidly begin writing your next book by brainstorming ideas using a simple brainstorming technique I created for my fiction writing.

Writing Block Cure 8: Focus on Your Objectives!

Everything about everything is all about your focus! Without focus in life, you will miss the target that your aiming for every time! If you maintain constant focus, all of your energy is directed toward your objective and keeps you on track more than if you haphazardly bounce from one thing to another! Finding ways to keep you focused on your objective will be an excellent way complete your arsenal of writing block cures.

Since focus is a great method to keep you on track, I recommend reading the article How to Focus: Five Levels of Mental Focus You Might Not Aware Of by Donald Latumahina.

In conclusion, writer's block can be a serious crutch when it comes to your writing goals and dreams. If you let things distract you away from your writing, it is very difficult to get back into the swing of things.

I hope my eight cures for writing block helps you get your writing back on the right track. If you would like more information about writers block, what exactly it is, and more cures for writing block, please take a moment to explore more on the topic so you can keep writer's block out of your writing.

What is writers block? Knowing is half the battle. Visit more information about writing block on this site so you never have to seek out a cure again.

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