Seven Secrets of Book Writing to Push Writers in the Right Direction

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'Seven Secrets of Book Writing' by Jason Moser is the most important motivational tool for writers! You must read it immediately!

Seven Secrets of Book Writing by Jason Moser.

If you are a writer and not too sure why you write, don't you think it would be a good thing to find out?

As an author myself, I spent about ten years writing stories, basically for myself. Nobody read them. Not too many people even knew I wrote them. It wasn't until I answered the question "Why do I write" that I learned my books were meant for more than a folder on my computer or in a box in the attic.

The Seven Secrets are presented in a way to motivate you on seven fronts - to push you beyond the first draft and into the hands of readers who want to read your books.

The Seven Secrets of Book Writing Are...

Whoa! I can't just tell you the secrets. Then they wouldn't be secrets at all. Book writing has many great purposes and you have a great gift and ability to provide information and entertainment to many people. The opportunity is there; you just have to follow through and get your writing out there.

The Seven Secrets will help motivate you beyond anything you can imagine. You will be excited to write your books. You will want to publish your books. You will be motivated to market your books like a pro.

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