Types of Book Publishing Methods Available to Authors

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Book publishing was always a big concern of mine from the time I started writing back in 1985. I wrote every day by hand, not typing a single word until I was out of high school. Once I started typing out my first manuscript, I began looking for publishers.

Types of book publishers and publishing methods

I was very young and thought my writing was great. I didn't think I needed anyone to review it; I had rewritten it several time and had to be ready. I sent a large envelope full of double spaced, Courier New font manuscript pages, 258 pages in all, to the first publisher I found in a literary magazine.

Needless to say, I didn't even get a response from them. My manuscript probably went straight into the trash, and for good reason. It certainly wasn't near ready to be published.

Book publishing goes way beyond the initial writing stage. I skipped many steps along the way that would have given my first story a chance in the world of fiction. After years of just writing my stories, I researched many types of publishing, discovering the ins and outs of publishing and what it really was. Of course I still didn't know about self-publishing at this point, but when I did, things drastically changed.

Do You Really Need to Publish Your Book Through a Publisher?

Before you consider publishing anything, you must know what a publisher is and what they do for you. Publishers have the easiest job of all in the writing, publishing, and book marketing process.

What is a publisher and how do you choose your publishing route?

Is There Money in Self-Publishing?

Many writers are under the wrong impression that you must get book publishing done through a traditional publisher if you want to make a lot of money from your books. They couldn't be further from the truth.

Discover what self publishing is and how you can benefit in the long run.

Traditional vs Self Book Publishing - The Real Truth

How quickly do you want to get your book working for you? How involved with the marketing do you want to get with your books? There are so many questions and differences between traditional and self-publishing.

Here are the key differences, advantages and disadvantages of traditional vs self-publishing.

How Do You Publish a Book Exactly?

Once you know which book publishing route you are going to take, the next part is following the exact process of publishing. There are two different ways to go about publishing your book: Having someone else publish it for you or publish it yourself.

Either way, there is a process involved to get it done correctly. Learn how to publish books for a winning chance within your market.

How to Produce a Kindle Book for Amazon

Whether you are publishing a print book or not, having a version of it in Kindle format is essential. This allows you to capture more readers who prefer electronic books over traditional paperback books.

Learn the basics of Kindle self publishing and how to self-publish a book for Kindle readers.

Publishing a book shouldn't cost you a penny if you do it right. A book's sales should make up for any costs incurred during the writing and publishing process, otherwise what's the point.

Examine the different types of book publishing above and choose which type best suits you, either traditional or self-publishing. The choice is totally up to the author, but that decision will follow you for the rest of your writing career.

If you are having difficulty understanding the difference between book publishing through a traditional publisher or self-publishing, please contact me with your concerns and I will help you as quickly as I can.

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