Writing Resources Help Improve Your Writing

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Writing resources provide you with all of the information, tools, and resources you may need along the way to research anything about your writing. It will help you answer questions, improve everything from style to grammar, and help you find tools to make your job easier as an author.

Writing Resources Help Improve Your Writing

No one in the world knows every single aspect about the writing process, not even you. You may be heavy in some areas of writing, but it is very rare for you to be knowledgeable in all areas of writing at the same time.

Authors have specialized skills. Some are great idealists, some are great with the English language, and some just know how to tell a story. But most authors have a little bit of all of the skills, coming short of perfect on all fronts.

I compiled an extensive page of writing resources which include onsite and offsite links, all of which offer you the best information to help you with your writing success.

Writing Resources to Help With New Plot Ideas

I've found coming up with new plots for books to be challenging at times, especially now that I'm older and most of my ideas have already been expanded upon. Now it's great to have a boost to get the ideas churning again in the old brain.

Tapping into your mind is easy if you know how to do it. But dusting off the cobwebs inside your brain to make the gears churn like they used to, now that can be a real challenge.

Try using a story plot generator to come up with new ideas for stories that will keep you progressing forward with your writing.

Writing and Editing Like a Pro

The next one of my writing resources is one of the most important to consider. You don't necessarily need a professional editor to make your books look and sound professional. You not only need the proper knowledge and resources on the topic, but you also need help from software to find problems beyond your mind's ability.

Every detailed sentence in your books is a direct representation of you as a professional writer and you must make sure every sentence you write is grammatically perfect. Each paragraph builds your book's integrity by providing the essential flow to take a reader to another time and place. If the story's flow is off or the book is riddled with errors that distract the reader, they will likely become disinterested in your writing, possibly losing a life long fan and future customer.

The single most important aspect for a writer is grammar and word usage. There are many ways to self-edit your work, but you should always consider other alternatives such as professional editing. Yes, this can cost some money, but can greatly improve your writing beyond what you can do alone.

This is one of the primary writing resources you should concentrate on the most after you are finished writing. If you confuse your readers with bad grammar or they have a difficult time figuring out what you are trying to spell out with words, they will lose interest in your book and move on to other reads.

The Best Book Writing Resources Available

Over the years, I have found some of the best writing resources online. I discovered some of them while I was in college, but most of them were found trying to answer my own questions.

I want to share with you everything I've learned over the years. You will learn things such as how to copyright your work, whether you need an ISBN number or not, how to improve your writing skills, and so much more.

Whether you are writing a fiction novel, a guide on how to do something, or a non-fiction story, this information is your lifeline to get it done right the first time. Don't make the same mistakes I've made. That's why this information is here.

Click on any of the writing resources below for the area that you need help in. Some of the links may direct you away from this site and are verified trusted sites. If you are looking for other outside information and help that isn't here, you may find more sites on my writing sites page.

Available Onsite Resources for Writers

The following are the writing resources available on this website that will help you with various aspects of writing:

A writing budget will help organize your spending when it comes to any aspect of writing. This is especially useful if you want to make money from your writing.

Writing goals help you stay on track with your deadlines during the entire course of the novel writing process. Meet all of your milestones by setting goals for writing.

A book copyright is needed to fully protect your fiction from word thieves. Safeguard your writing by properly copyrighting your short story or novel.

An ISBN number is a 13 digit identifier for a book that provides information about the publisher helping people, libraries and distribution outlets find your book in a common database of titles.

Writing groups can help answer many questions you may be having with writing your books. Most people in these groups are authors who have already written or published books, so they may have helpful responses for your questions.

Recommended Offsite Writing Resources

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers research, writing, and MLA/APA style help to writers throughout the world with their extensive practical use site. I personally use this site all of the time as one of my most valuable fiction writing resources. I highly recommend taking a look to see how OWL can help you. I especially like their editing and proofreading strategies for revising your work.

KnightCite is a great writing resource if you need to add works cited entries in the books that you are writing. This resource helps you with the MLA style of works cited format by creating a works cited entry for you after making the appropriate entries. This saves you a lot of time and research that you would normally spend finding out the correct format for a works cited.

Writing resources are great when you have difficult questions regarding certain aspects of your writing. If you have additional questions or can't find something here, contact me about writing resources and ask the question. I look forward to helping you find the information you need.

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