Kids Writing for More Than Just Fun

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Your kids writing stories. Nothing new there. They start when they are in kindergarten and are constantly challenged in school to write creatively. But what if you could challenge them a little further?

Kids Writing for More Than Just Fun

A child's book writing abilities may be limited at a young age, but the creativity in their mind is limitless and exciting. If you write and publish your own books, with you as a guide, your children can become published authors too.

Learn how to get your kids to build a children's book on the level of their reader. Only a child can tap into the mind of a child and should be the one writing the story (with your help).

Teaching Your Kids Writing From an Early Age

When is the right time to start your kids writing? Well, traditional schools get kids writing little sentences and very short stories at five to seven years old, so don't you think you should get your child writing at an early age too?

Your child may not be able to completely write a twenty page story by themselves, but with some parental coaching and prompting, your child can present creative ideas that form into a very entertaining story for other children.

A children's story should be directed at the age of your child. When they are just learning to read and write, they shouldn't be writing full novels. They should be writing very short, one sentence per page stories of their favorite character, a made up character, a subject they love, or educational things they are going through.

Inspiring Your Kids Writing

Being a good peer to your children is every parent's dream. My oldest son is six years old and was watching me put the finishing touches on one of my books before publishing it and said, "I want to write a book."

I looked at him and asked, "What kind of book do you want to write?"

He said, "I don't know."

That's where the brainstorming kicks in. I provided him with a handful of ideas and his first book's subject came together quite quickly. I said a word and he said the opposite of the word. He said a word and I said the opposite.

Within three weeks, we published his first book, Little Book of Opposites on He was very excited. So was his kindergarten teachers and past preschool teachers. As a gift for Christmas, he gave all of his classmates and teachers a copy of his book and they read it in the classroom.

From the time he asked the question about wanting to write a book to the time we published it was about three weeks. I did most of the physical work on the book, but he came up with all of the sentences and words to use throughout the book. He approved all of the pictures and colors. I encouraged him and let him know that it was HIS book.

This of course created the want within him to write a second book. We did and published it within a month. Now he's on a roll getting ready to write some more.

Of course he couldn't do all of the stuff involved - he's only six. But we did have a lot of fun putting it together as a team.

Can Kids Make Money Writing?

Kids writing and publishing children's books at such a young age is up to the parents. You child can make money, but they should publish their books under their parents account for tax purposes when they are below the age of 18.

You can use money made from your kids writing to help pay for future education, publish more children's books by your sons or daughters, your put the money away for their future when they are out on their own.

Residual earnings from your kids writing starts the moment they publish their first book. I didn't publish my first book until I was 34. I was writing at 15. I missed out on 19 years of residual income.

The earlier they start, especially when you show them the potential over their lifetime, they may never have to have a job once they get out of high school. They may be able to live off of their book royalties from hundreds of children's books they publish over their younger days.

Ways to Get Your Kids Writing

Getting your kids writing books and helping them is a very fulfilling calling. Some people see it as a joke, but when your child starts getting calls from people wanting to interview them because of their successes, everything gets real very quickly.

One way to get your kids writing is through various writing activities for kids. Children have a natural creative spark in their mind already. Use these activities to pull the ideas out.

Next, help grow your child's ideas through kids creative writing techniques. Ideas alone are good, but their stories will come to life when you use special techniques to help those ideas grow.

Entering your child's story in writing contests for kids is another way to motivate and keep them engaged and growing. There are many different contests out their for different age groups and types of stories/books.

Don't let your kids writing go to waste, stuck in a box for only you to see and enjoy. Help them capture their creative moments and form them from the mold of a writer. Guide them through the process of writing, then show them publishing and marketing. The younger they start, the faster they will grow and create fascinating stories that only a child can create.

It's not about the money, though the money will help them in the future. For now, at such a young age, the accomplishment and recognition should be enough to motivate them to want to write more books.

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