Publisher Help and Information Regarding Traditional and Self-Publishing

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Publisher help is always available to those who need it. Being a self-publisher myself, I'm not afraid to help fellow publishers or writers who are looking to enter the book publishing market running. And when you are just starting out, you always have questions or concerns about things.

Publisher Help and Information Regarding Traditional and Self-Publishing

If your writing efforts are finally complete and you are ready to go all out and publish your books, you must decide whether to self-publish your books or publish through traditional book publishers. The choice is all yours, but in today's day and age, you may actually have a better chance and more publishing freedom publishing books on your own.

You may not think you have the time to publish your books on your own, and that's very understandable. Finding good publisher help to get your book in the right hands may be what you need. But you must also consider how much time it may take to actually get your book published if you don't have a publisher lined up by the time you finish writing your book.

No matter which route you take, publishing is a pretty straight forward process. Before you seek out publisher help through our FAQs, check out the publishing process below to see if you know all of the requirements.

Keeping On Track Through the Publishing Process

Going through the entire writing and publishing process many times myself, I've figured out everything needed to properly publish a book as quickly as possible. This type of publisher help is gold because it keeps you on the right track from the time your book is ready until it is in print.

For more information on the publishing process, check out the publishing checklist I made to help you publish your books.

Publisher Help and Frequently Asked Questions for Publishers

I'm asked questions all of the time regarding publishing books. I've also had many questions myself when first starting out, and still have some to this day as I tweak my own process.

Below are some of the common questions and answers regarding publishing books. Before contacting me with your questions, see if the answers are already here for you.

What is a Synopsis for a Book?

A book synopsis is a short overview of your story, covering the main points or each chapter. This can be one of the most challenging things a writer may have to ever write if they want to solicit agents and publishers.

Learn more about a book synopsis and how to create one.

Is There Publishing Software Available for Publisher Help?

There are many ways to publish your books. Depending on the route you take, different types of software will be helpful in producing the best book. It's especially important when you self-publish your books.

Learn about the different publishing software available for publisher help.

How Do You Get Book Reviews for Your Books?

This publisher help question is part of this FAQ because book reviews are important even before your book is published. Adding book reviews to the cover, inside pages, and on other marketing pieces is a very important part of marketing, so you want to get reviews before you start marketing.

Learn more about how to get book reviews and how you can help fellow authors.

How Do You Make a Book Cover?

A book cover is the most important part of your book when it comes to marketing. This is the first thing someone sees when they are browsing around for something to read. If the cover catches their interest enough, they will move on to the book's description.

Learn how to create the perfect book cover for your book.

How Do You Choose a Book Design?

Your book's design is all about how your book looks when someone opens it up to read. It involves many different things such as font sizes, page numbering, pictures, chapters, and more.

Learn how to design your book to appeal to your readers.

How Do You Write a Book Description?

Once someone finds your book, they dive right into the book's description to see what the book is about beyond the title and the catchy book cover. The description is meant to sell your book or get the person viewing the description to buy your book through key details and creative hints on what the book is about.

Learn more about how to write a good book description to get people to buy your books.

More publisher help will be added to this page as questions are asked. If you have a question not answered here, please contact me with your question and I will add it to the page as I answer it.

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