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My name is Jason Moser and I’m a 48-year-old author, publisher, and entrepreneur now residing in Chesapeake, Virginia. I’ve lived in San Diego, California for 2 years and Kings Bay, Georgia for 2 years, but spent the majority of my time right here in Virginia.

Jason Moser, Author and Publisher

Jason Moser was born in Pennsylvania in 1971 and raised in a small town of about 200 people called Martin City, Montana. He grew up there until he joined the Navy just out of high school and since retired with 20 years of active duty service. He attended a year of college in pursuit of a Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Multimedia at Westwood College Online where where he learned a lot about Graphic Design. Unfortunately, he had to put college on hold for the Navy and lost his desire to continue that route.

Jason's life is centered around his lovely wife and two sons.

"I am passionate about writing as well as love to design niche websites and build complete online business models. I also enjoy mentoring other writers and entrepreneurs every chance I get."

Jason Moser Has Been Writing Since He Could Hold a Pencil

Jason Moser has been writing fiction stories since he could hold a pencil, starting with stick figure pictorial stories about war. "I don't know why I'm so fascinated with war as the main topic in a lot of my early writing, especially since I've never been in a combat situation in my life. I guess action and adventure just thrills me to no end."

His actual fiction career was born during study hall sometime in October 1985. "I just started writing and didn't stop. I pretty much concentrated on that book, first hand-writing it, and then typing it (I still have yet to publish that book)."

Jason Moser joined the Navy and more ideas for more stories poured into his brain. He continued to write, but the longer he worked in the Navy, the less time he had to write. "My writing flame slowly flickered down to a soft ember. I had several stories finished and typed out (very rough drafts), but began transferring everything over to computer. Thank God I printed everything out because I was using 5 1/4 diskettes to save all of my writing on a 286MHz computer back then."

Needless to say, time took its toll on those disks and he had to essentially start over. It was very frustrating having to start all over again, but not having a lot of money on hand to hire people to typeset his stories, he was stuck doing it himself. He found it very difficult to become motivated again. He had to do something to rekindle his passion to write.

Network marketing and the Internet caught Jason Moser's attention about 14 years ago, drawing him further away from his book writing. He was still writing, but it was in the form of web page content and advertisements. He spent a lot of time and money learning the principles of business, success, and money management while trying to become involved in various business ventures. He really enjoyed all of the on and off line businesses that he dove in to, but he didn’t see much success with it, even when he was really fired up about a product or service. He just wasn’t fired up enough!

He decided to go all out and try one last time to make a success of his online endeavors

"I decided to go all out and try one last time to make a success of my online endeavors. It was the best decision in my life, though looking back, I was probably a nut to even considering spending as much as I did for the interactive program. Anyway, this program integrated learning how to build a niche website while constructing it at the same time, restarting my dusty old dream factory and steering me back on course with my writing dreams."

The first course in the program was to discover what he was truly passionate about in life. As Jason Moser sat there brainstorming all of the things that he was passionate about, he was trying to concentrate on other passions he had (his entrepreneurial type passions), but he just couldn't seem to get into them. It wasn’t truly in his heart! "I ultimately found myself back where I started so many years ago... back to my writing." Thus, the creation of his first successful niche website in 2005 called Write and Publish Fiction.

"Since I took that chance, it has changed my life drastically. It has inspired me to aggressively pursue my writing dreams with a passion again." Since then, Jason Moser's self-published several articles, reports, and guides based on his writing experiences to help other people rekindle their fire and actually teach other people how to publish their books, not just for fun, but for money. He also took that opportunity and self-published several poems and his first fiction novel, Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop. He wrote and published eight instructional guides and reference books related to fiction writing, publishing, and marketing over the next few years. He published his second fiction novel, Over the Edge, December 2012.

"Then something amazing happened. My first son was born in October 2013. My writing was on hold. My time seriously cut short trying to spend as much time with my family, I put all of my websites and writing on the back burner, only writing for a couple hours a week if I was lucky. Then son number two. I let Write and Publish Fiction go, closing it down in 2017 after losing all of my income sources to search engine algorithm changes and lack of site maintenance. But I didn’t get rid of all the great information."

Fast forward to September 2019 and Jason Moser was starting to get the writing itch again. His boys were self-sufficient and he was on a trip when he kept seeing advertisements from Robert Kiyosaki talking about publishing 25-page books on Amazon for passive income. He knew how it worked. So, having a lot of free time on the work trip, he wrote and published eleven books covering various topics. This was before he even clicked on the link to Ty Cohen’s Kindle Cashflow. "Yes, I spent some money, and it paid off in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I not only got my writing flame back, I learned a lot of great things along the way taking me way beyond where I was at before."

"Now, I’m bringing my website back together – a different name, but stronger than ever so I can help more writers realize their dreams of writing and publishing books."

You can check out all of Jason Moser's author website or his author profile on Amazon.com. He also has an author page on Facebook. Of course you can find all of his great information about writing, publishing, and book marketing right here on PublishersNotebook.com.

"There’s much more to come! I want to see you succeed as much as I want to succeed myself."

Published Books by Jason Moser

Non-Fiction Titles:

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Fiction Titles:

Sci Fi Thriller Caught Within Time (Published June 2020)

Over the Edge

Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop

All of the above titles are available on Amazon and can be accessed by Jason's Author Profile.

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